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Back to Our Roots 

Those who know us for our reputable interior installations may be surprised to learn that, originally, Bordner Home Solutions only offered one service: roofing. In our early years, Bordner’s first-rate roofing services paved the way for our current reputation of quality and efficiency. Over time, our roofing services made way for our current selection, but our mission has never changed. Today, with the same Bordner values and vision, we’re getting back to our roots in roofing.

The Bordner Story 

In 1987, Cliff Fleenor and his brothers began what would one day be Bordner Home Solutions. With personal experience in roofing, our founder was determined to create a roofing business that would provide quality materials, customer care, and installation that lived up to their personal standards. Through their hard work and perseverance, they built Bordner from the ground up. For over 30 years, Bordner has continued to strive for their standards of excellence. 

Although the brothers started by servicing Kansas City, Missouri, Bordner soon expanded to serve Colorado at a state-wide level. With Colorado’s extreme hail storms, our roofing precision and experience quickly made Bordner the go-to for many Colorado homeowners. Combined with our superior customer service, our expertise helped keep roofs over the heads of Colorado residents for years. 

Expanding to Bordner Home Solutions

Fortunately, even Colorado’s hail season ends sooner or later. In the off season, our founders utilized their additional time to expand their practice from roofing to window, bath, and kitchen remodeling. Eventually, our interior services became a primary focus. As demand grew, our team expanded to match a variety of specialized services. Today, Bordner offers everything you need for your home’s interior, whether you’re working on a bathroom remodel or a kitchen cabinet makeover.

Our Roofing Expertise 

Though we’ve taken a step away from roofing in the past, our standards of service, quality, and efficiency have not faltered in the least. By bringing back our superior roofing savvy, we’re offering Colorado homeowners more ways to protect and preserve their homes, the Bordner way. With our rich professional history—not to mention high ratings from services such as Angi’s, the Better Business Bureau, and Referred Pros—you can have complete confidence in Bordner’s re-roofing. 

When you choose Bordner roofing, you choose:

  • The highest-quality materials. As with all of Bordner’s projects, we stick to the finest, American-made materials for our roofing. These expertly-selected materials make for roofs that last and last. 

  • Expert protection against the elements. Colorado’s extreme weather presents extra risks for homeowners. That’s why we’re primed and prepped to repair (and anticipate) any weather-related damage. With the added benefit of our local expertise, our roofing team is well-equipped to reinforce any areas that may be prone to leaking and similar damage. 

  • Professional attention to detail. Bordner doesn’t cut any corners. You can trust that our team will provide industry-leading service, down to the smallest detail. 

Celebrating Bordner’s Values

Since our start in 1987, we’ve remained committed to providing the finest care to our customers. Like our founder, we care about making sure that you and your home get only the best. That means the sturdiest materials, the quickest installation, and the matchless customer service that we’ve become known for. That’s why, to show our commitment to you, we offer a 50 year, transferable warranty for all of our roofing installations. When you choose our 50 year upgrade, we’ll even match it with a 50 year workmanship warranty, so you can have complete confidence in Bordner’s roofing services. 

Explore More from Bordner Exteriors 

Alongside our roofing, Bordner offers everything you need to get the exterior of your home in tip-top shape. Our windows, doors, kitchens, and full-bath remodels all come with the same quality materials and service that you can expect from Bordner Home Solutions. Get a free quote on roofing and more from Bordner. 

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