What Are the Best Colorado Windows for Durability?

Colorado is a beautiful place to live, but mountain elevations bring strong storms. Local homeowners know that it pays to invest in durable, quality building materials for their homes. At Bordner Home Solutions, a leading Colorado home remodeler, we have new options for energy-efficient, high-impact windows that you’re going to love.

Save Big with Energy-Efficient Performance

Eco-Last Defender windows are built to provide the durability that you need with the energy-efficient performance that you want. There is absolutely no compromising on quality with these windows. You get a 0.01 air filtration rating which is the best in the industry, measuring 30x better than the industry standard for energy-efficient windows. This innovative achievement has made Eco-Last a 2021 EnergyStar® Partner of the Year for eight consecutive years.

As heating costs continue to rise, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce spending without sacrificing comfort. An upgrade with energy-efficient window installation can do the trick. It’s one home remodeling project that steadily pays for itself over time with an average of 7-15% lower energy costs. That’s a significant margin that can add up to hundreds of dollars each year.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of options on the market that are leaning into cost-savings using the EnergyStar® name to push their products. These brands know that sustainability and cost-savings are important to customers. But only a very small percentage of these windows actually perform with measurable savings and Eco-Last is on that shortlist.

Best Colorado Windows for Durability

While energy-efficient savings might be the key reason you’re considering new windows, Colorado homeowners also know that they need to shop for durability. Bordner has decided to partner with Eco-Last to provide our customers with the best brands on the market and we believe the Eco-Last Defender series are the best Colorado windows your money can buy.

Here are a few details on their construction:

  • Structural Rating: These windows perform 116% better than the industry average with a rating up to 203 mph.
  • Water Rating: Eco-Last Defender windows are 70% better than the industry average, rated for up to eight inches of rain per hour.
  • Vinyl Frame: Vinyl provides some flexibility so that your windows can expand and contract with seasonal changes and Eco-Last bulks up their durability by using a frame and sash thickness of up to 0.80 Mil—again, well-above the industry average.
  • Engineering: These windows are built with structural reinforcement, premium weather stripping, and glass that boasts 400% more strength and durability than regular window glass.

The Bottom Line on Choosing the Best Windows for your Colorado Home

There are two key features to look for when choosing new windows: energy-efficient performance and durable design. Energy-efficient windows have become a big deal, driving the market for window replacement and becoming a clever marketing angle. That means that consumers need to take a close look at what they’re buying and see how each product measures up in terms of actual performance. Bordner Home Solutions is committed to providing top-quality remodeling services using the best products on the market. We choose Eco-Last Defender windows because they provide the quality that we expect in terms of energy-saving performance and durability.

Bordner Home Solutions is a well-established local remodeling company with decades of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Since 1987 we have been providing homeowners throughout Denver and Colorado Springs with quality remodeling services. Contact us today to learn more about our energy-efficient, durable window replacement options for your Colorado home.


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