Picture Windows: Embracing Panoramic Views and Natural Light in Your Home

When remodeling a home, light and space often comes down to one crucial feature: your windows. In any home, windows have the ability to define shape, mood, and atmosphere. Due to their importance, selecting the right windows takes a lot of time and thought. As you consider the pros and cons of the various styles, there’s one design opportunity you won’t want to miss out on. Picture windows are a great option for gorgeous views that open up your space in unique and unexpected ways. 

With the stunning sights that Colorado is famous for, it’s no wonder that picture windows are catching on. If you’re looking for ways to open up your space, here’s why picture windows should be at the top of your list. 

What are Picture Windows?

Picture windows are large, fixed panes of glass. Since they don’t open, there are no screens, bulky window rails, or locks. Many picture windows have few or no intercrossing panes, maximizing the “picture” of the outdoors and making for an immersive indoor experience. 

Increase Efficiency

Alongside the aesthetic value of picture windows, they make for easier cleaning and replacement. With fewer moving parts and no dirt-collecting window jambs, picture windows require minimal maintenance and care. 

By design, picture windows are also energy-efficient. They’re completely sealed, inside and out, reducing heat or cold transference in or out of your home. Considering the warm summers and frigid winters common throughout Colorado, this added protection is invaluable. Additionally, the wide window provides natural sunlight that can help you cut down on artificial lighting costs. Through reducing heating and cooling needs and offering a steady alternative to artificial lighting, picture windows can help you lower your energy bill.  

How to Make the Most of Picture Windows

Picture windows have a lot to offer. To give it the biggest impact in your space, here are some extra tips. 

Highlight the View

Picture windows are all about a panoramic view that brings the outdoors in. When placing a picture window, keep this in mind. Consider your surroundings. Do you have a shot of the cityscape? Do you live near one of Colorado’s trademark mountains? Or do you want to highlight your manicured front lawn or backyard? Think about the best views to highlight with the wide, immersive experience offered by picture windows. 

Bring in the Natural Light 

To make the most of the natural light that comes with large picture windows, be sure to imagine how the light will change over the course of the day, and how that light is affected by the direction that the window faces. A large picture window on the east side of your living room will provide lots of morning light, while a window on the northern wall of your master bedroom will provide subtle light throughout the day. It’s also a good idea to envision how the natural light could improve the appearance of small spaces and large living areas alike. 

Add Visual Interest to Your Space

When intentionally placed, picture windows have a much greater impact on a space. As a unique fixture, picture windows can be used in dozens of different ways to generate hundreds of effects. You might choose to do a large, single-pane picture window that opens to your backyard, or combine a mid-size picture window with regular windows to create an engaging aesthetic. One of the most popular configurations uses a large picture window as a centerpiece, flanked on either side by a regular, narrow window. Along with the interesting visual effect, this allows for extra ventilation through the side windows, if necessary. A large picture window can also be used to create a visual center in a room, add variety in a window wall, or highlight an area like a bay or a window seat. 

Expert Picture Window Installation 

With such large glass panes, picture windows must be installed with care. Improper installation or low-quality materials could lead to premature cracking and weathering. In the extreme climates of Colorado, durable picture windows require expert installation. 

Between our industry-leading warranties and our satisfaction-guaranteed policy, Bordner Home Solutions is centered on providing quality service to Colorado homeowners. Our picture window installation is no different. Our top-rated materials and expert team means that your home is in good hands. With our unique Eco-Last windows, you can enjoy guaranteed protection against even the worst of Colorado weather. Open up your home and get a picture window quote today!


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