Gutter Installation: Preventing Water Damage to Your Home

During heavy rain, hail, and snowmelt, your house is at risk of serious water damage. In areas of heavy rain—like many places in Colorado—water exposure can lead to mold, rust, and decay, particularly in basements and foundations.

That’s where gutters come in. By directing water away from the roof and siding of your house, gutters protect your home from water damage in its many forms.

Prevent Mold Growth

Without gutters to direct water away from the house, moisture easily finds its way into your home. This moisture, combined with temperatures between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, creates the perfect environment for the development of mold. Through cracks in the foundation, basement windowsentry doors and other exposed areas, water creeps into your home, and mold spores can begin festering soon after. 

Gutters limit dripping water on your home’s siding and foundation. With less water rush, moisture has a harder time finding its way into your walls, ceilings, and floors, reducing the likelihood of mold.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Foundation

As water slides from your roof to the ground around your home, it can pose a threat to the integrity of your foundation. Over time, as water erodes the base of your home, it can contribute to issues with expansive soil, uneven settlement, and cracks and decay that threaten the strength of your foundation. In the variable weather of Colorado, water settles into the cracks and freezes, causing them to expand. In very little time, this adds up to significant structural threat.

 A properly installed gutter funnels water to an area of grass, gravel, or dirt, where the water can be safely absorbed without posing a risk to your foundation. Gutter installation is an easy and effective way to maintain the integrity of your foundation and extend the longevity of your home.

Protect Paint and Exterior Finishing

As free-falling water trickles from the roof to the siding of your house, it leaves some significant residue behind. Anything that gets on your roof—or comes from rain, snow, and sleet—ends up on the exterior of your home, like dirt, grime, smog, debris, and droppings or other signs of wildlife. Often, this results in orange, black, and gray staining on your siding that can be incredibly difficult to remove. Whether you have paint, paneling, stucco, or other exterior finishes, this residue builds up over time, considerably affecting the aesthetic value of your home.

While gutters siphon water away from your house, they take all of that residue with it, keeping the exterior of your home looking its best. Whether rain or shine, you can trust that your home’s siding will be protected.

Watch Out for Improper Gutter Installation

If you’ve decided to install rain gutters on your home, you’ll want to be sure that the gutters are installed correctly by professionals. Improper gutter installation leaves your home at risk for water damage; if gutters aren’t installed correctly, water seepage and ceiling leaks remain major risks. Without proper collection and drainage, your gutters could also direct the water to the base of your home, leading to flooding and uneven settlement. To get the most out of your rain gutters, you need a trustworthy team to provide an expert installation that will protect your home for years to come.

Expert Gutter Installation to Protect Your Home

With Bordner Home Solutions’ professional services, you can enjoy professional gutter installation with the added benefit of superior customer service. As a Colorado-based and family-run company, you can rest assured that we value quality, efficiency, and customer care. Like you, we take the safety of your home seriously. That’s why we provide trustworthy services, whether you’re protecting your home from water damage or remodeling your kitchen.

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